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The Pros and Cons of the Brazilian Blowout Hair Straightening Product

We wanted to talk a little about the Brazilian blowout hair straightening product and just some aspects of the hair treatment to keep in mind if you are thinking of using it.Brazilian Blowout

The product is one of the top hair-straightening applications that does an awesome job with getting crazy curls under control.  It is so effective, that even after getting your hair wet in the shower - your hair will still lay straight!  However, there has been some issues with some of the ingredients and if they are at toxic levels or not.

The ingredient brought up most often is formaldehyde.  In it's natural form, formaldehyde is a transparent gas that can be a major irritant as well as be toxic at high levels.  The issue with it being in the Brazilian Blowout product seems to be one for the applying it and not the person receiving it.

The stylist must wear protective gear when using the product on clients for this very reason.  The person that is getting their hair straightened doesn't have much to worry about because they are not inhaling the vapor that comes off the application.  But you can wear protective gear if you want to.

So the pros obviously are that your hair is going to be pretty straight for 4 to 6 months.  The downside is that it's expensive and the stylist needs to be very careful when applying it.

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